Our motto at Pilgrim School is simple:

We grow students.
Dear Friends,
It is a pleasure to introduce you to the warmth and richness of the Pilgrim School experience. Our theme this year is Celebrate, and indeed we have much to joyfully acknowledge. As the new Head of School of Pilgrim, it is thrilling for me to introduce you to what makes Pilgrim so very special. Our intimate environment is designed to enrich and support your child’s learning and growth. The size of the school fosters tremendous closeness, respect and familiarity among community members. Put simply, each Pilgrim student is involved, kind and known. In all three academic divisions of the school, we have created a rigorous and supportive environment where all students can take ownership of their learning. The depth of our programs, our advanced and A.P. classes, prepare our students for acceptance to the world’s top colleges, art schools and universities. Our instruction goes well beyond the classroom. Our varied extracurricular program, community engagement, and “no cut” athletic teams mean that your child can try a host of new activities, learn about their community and make lifelong friendships at Pilgrim. Our students’ learning goes well beyond academic content and skills; we teach to the whole child. Our life skills programs throughout the school, prepare our students to be joyful, successful, and confident not just while at Pilgrim but well after graduation.
Located in the heart of Los Angeles, our tightly knit student body reflects the diversity and
inclusivity of the city. Our students learn about the host of cultures that make our city and
community truly special. In addition to the richly diverse local community of families, we also welcome international students through our high school boarding program, with students from all over the world, as well as some local participants. The boarding program adds an international aspect to all levels of the school, in the classrooms, in discussions, through the many diverse holiday celebrations, from our high school down to our early ed program, where our international high school students read to our youngest students.
Moreover, our expanding campus also includes the limitless possibilities of Los Angeles. The
California Science Center, Disney Music Hall, The Getty, LACMA, MoCa, art galleries, gardens, and the beach are just some of our additional classrooms. The students learn in our classrooms as they experience the intellectual and creative life of our great city.
When Pilgrim alumni are asked what makes Pilgrim special, one of the answers we frequently hear is that close friendships are made and maintained after graduating. Graduates also speak of the connections they built with faculty members. Pilgrim students are accustomed to interacting with their teachers, and even at the largest universities they are not shy about approaching faculty with questions and comments. Many of our graduates have been at Pilgrim for thirteen years. They have grown up on this campus. And this school is a family. Whenever a student enters Pilgrim, they and you will feel the embracing warmth and care as we make joyful learners.
Come visit our upcoming Open Houses or schedule a tour and come Celebrate your child and our community together!
Warmest regards,
Paul I. Barsky