The aim of the Pilgrim School boarding program is to provide a safe, happy, productive, structured, enriching and stimulating atmosphere for our boarding students. Relationships are based on warmth, mutual respect, and genuine concern. We aim to support our boarders as they adjust to and manage independent living, encourage academic progress and personal growth and promote a positive home atmosphere.

Our boarding facility is located adjacent to the school. It is available to qualified students from all over the world. There are two floors to the dormitory, and dorm parents live on each floor. Student rooms will be grouped into male or female apartments, each apartment with a large shared bathroom. Each room is fully equipped with beds, desks, storage and closet space, as well as wireless computer connection, and air conditioning. A large common space, recreational and study areas, and a dining room and kitchen are available. Breakfast and dinner are served at the residence, while lunch on weekdays is provided at school. All meals are served at the residence on weekends and when the school is not in session and the boarding facility is open. Cleaning service will be provided for common areas.

The boarding students become part of a large family, with all the joys and sorrows that that may bring. Our “dorm parents” will treat the students as if they were their own: with love, concern, kindness, consistency, fairness, and the little extra parenting which helps a youth grow into adulthood. International students need extra attention as they are in a new culture, away from home, and adjusting to a new environment. Bilingual teachers and counselors will assist students with their adjustment to the Pilgrim community.

The boarding program is available to all students – domestic and international. Students may apply directly to the Admissions Office, Pilgrim School, 540 S. Commonwealth Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90020. Qualified students may also enter the program through agencies which arrange school placements in the United States. Please direct any questions about this program to Patricia Kong, Director of Admissions, Pilgrim School.

Pilgrim School offers students outside of the United States the opportunity to attend Pilgrim School while living close to the school and under the supervision of school staff. Students must be accepted into the academic program of the school and obtain an F-1 visa to enter the U.S. International students who wish to attend U.S. colleges or universities must meet Pilgrim School’s graduation requirements, and are encouraged to take SAT/ACT/TOEFL preparatory classes in order to succeed on the college entrance exams. All international students are required to take part in school and community activities: school sponsored clubs, social activities, sports, day and overnight field trips. These are great opportunities to make lifelong friends, pursue new interests, and develop new skills.

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Pilgrim School, founded in 1958, is a division of the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles. It is an ethnically and culturally diverse, independent, college preparatory, co-educational day school for students, toddler through the twelfth grade. Boarding for high school students grades 9 - 12 is offered in the Mayflower House, directly adjacent to the school campus. Pilgrim School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS). It is located in the Wilshire Center section of Los Angeles, 5 minutes from downtown Los Angeles, California.

Pilgrim School offers a traditional college preparatory curriculum, emphasizing the mastery of fundamental data and critical thinking. Small classes ensure that all students receive extensive personal attention from their teachers, encouraging the development of each student’s unique abilities. Pilgrim provides all of its students with the opportunity to participate in sports, the arts, and a wide array of extracurricular activities. By welcoming, honoring, and recognizing the contributions of students of all religious, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds, Pilgrim inspires students to be respectful, ethical, and contributing members of society.