Secondary Vision Statement

Pilgrim’s Secondary School program recognizes and promotes growth in students as they face personal, intellectual and social challenges. Together we practice the necessary skills and habits of critical thinking, reflection, commitment and curiosity that shape a thriving student and an effective citizen.

In the middle grades, our program supports students in developing identity, a sense of belonging, and personal agency through opportunities to explore and achieve in and out of the classroom.

In high school, our program supports students in developing individual voice, personal leadership, and autonomy as they approach the greater independence and responsibility of adulthood.

Students leave Pilgrim with the advantage of having worked hard to investigate the world through multiple disciplines, to understand global perspectives, to articulate powerful arguments, and to enjoy their unique gifts and skills.
As a college preparatory school located in California, Pilgrim’s graduation requirements are based on the minimum admission requirements set forth by the University of California system. These standards meet or exceed the minimum requirements to be consdered for admissions to the selective academic institutions throughout the country. As an independent school with a strong academic tradition, Pilgrim’s requirements may extend beyond these minimum guidelines. The following are minimum requirements for graduation at Pilgrim. Students must earn passing grades in each of the required courses.

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Graduation Requirements

English: Four years required.
History: Four years required.
Mathematics: Three years required through Algebra 2
World Language: Three years required of the same language.
Physical Education or Athletics: Six trimesters or seasons of sports, dance, cheerleading, or PE
Science: Three years required, including Biology and one physical science
Fine Arts: One year

The list of classes is useful in planning a course of study at Pilgrim School. Additionally, students are encouraged to talk with individual faculty members to find out more about the courses they teach. Parents, teachers, class advisors, and our college counselor are all excellent sources to assist in selecting courses that will enable students to get the most out of a Pilgrim School education. Students are also strongly encouraged to make an appointment with Mr. Ryan Grady, the Interim Secondary Director, to discuss course options.

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