Student Success Team Program
The Student Success Team (SST) Program at Pilgrim is an Early Education through 12th grade program that supports students with diverse learning and developmental needs within our general education, college preparatory program. The goal of the SST program is to support students in developing the skills necessary to be able to succeed independently in engaging in grade level curriculum.
Is the Student Success Team Program right for my child?
When a student has been identified as having trouble accessing the general education curriculum, they are referred to the SST program to determine the learning barriers and provide the support needed to be successful. The program director will work with students, parents, and teachers to identify potential barriers to success for students and create an individualized plan of support for the student. 

School Based Support

Through our SST Program, we provide short term curriculum support through the following programs. If intervention services are needed to support a student’s growth, families will be referred to specialists as described below. 

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  • Small Group Writing Support

    In Kindergarten through Fifth grade, students in the SST program have the opportunity to participate in small group writing instruction twice weekly. During these small groups students will work on their grade level class assignments with additional support such as chunking, voice to text software, typing instruction, use of checklists, graphic organizers, regular check ins  and support brainstorming. 
  • Small Group Study Hall

    In 6th through 12th grade students in the SST program have the opportunity to participate in small group study hall with a learning support teacher. Instruction in these studyhalls revolves around development of executive functioning skills, organization, and planning.
  • One on One Support

    Students in the SST program have the opportunity for short term one on one support. This support can be across all subject areas and focus specifically on content, short term intervention, executive functioning skills, or other needs the student may have. Short term generally means 10 hours per student.
  • The Learning Center

    The Learning Center is a supportive space on campus for students to work in small group support classes, one on one with tutors, small group and extended time testing, and to relax and work independently.  The Learning Center is open from 7:30-4:30 daily for student support. Students can drop in from 7:30-9:00 and 3:00-4:30 or set up an appointment with a learning support specialist.
  • In School Accommodations

    We work to provide accommodations in alignment with suggestions from neuropsychological evaluations. Common school-based accommodations include:
    • Extended time testing 
    • Small group testing 
    • Use of graphic organizers
    • Use of computer and voice to text software
    • Access to audiobooks
    • Oral Assessment 
    • Preferential seating 
    • Flexible seating 
    • Graphic Organizers
    • Think time
    • Frequent movement breaks 
Referrals for Outside Support
When a student enters school behind grade level or their performance shows that they would benefit from intervention support, families will be referred to outside learning support specialists, educational therapists, and tutors to provide regular intervention services at the expense of the family. Services may not be terminated without communication with the school. The Director of Student Services works to streamline communication between tutors, support staff, teachers, and families to provide the most seamless support possible. 

Meet the Team

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  • Photo of Nora Kiely

    Ms. Nora Kiely 

    Director of Student Services
  • Photo of Christine Mai

    Ms. Christine Mai 

    Learning Support Specialist
  • Photo of Daryl Barry

    Ms. Daryl Barry 

    Learning Support Specialist