Thank you for your interest in Pilgrim School! Our school educates students beyond a narrowly-defined set of academic skills. We’ve redefined student success to include the academic knowledge, artistic exploration, and social skills they will need to become inquisitive critical thinkers, collaborative problem-solvers, creative pioneers, strong communicators, and empathetic global citizens.

Although we'd love to invite you to visit our campus to take a tour, we are unfortunately unable to at this time. When on-campus tours become available, we look forward to having you over to enjoy the school’s historical architecture, peruse our student work in our leading-edge Art Center, and experience the daily life of our school.  During your future visit, you will see where students work collaboratively on projects, parents volunteer their time, and teachers differentiate the curriculum to meet students’ unique interests and individual needs. We encourage you to talk with students and teachers, walk through our FabLab, and learn about our almost 60 year history of our thoughtfully-planned educational program and its foundational philosophy. 

At Pilgrim, we pride ourselves on our friendly atmosphere and making sure our students are involved, kind, and known. If you believe we are a good match for your family, begin your application here or contact Ms. Marissa Viramontes  .

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to meeting you and your child, and sharing the wonders of Pilgrim School!

Very best regards,

Patricia Kong, M. A., Ed.
Associate Head of School
Director of Admissions, 

(213) 355-5220 (Direct Line)
(213) 385-1060 (Fax)
Pilgrim-Admissions (Skype)

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Please email Ms. Marissa Viramontes with your request for information.  Please include your child's age/grade level for enrollment at Pilgrim.
Thank you!

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    Marissa Viramontes 

    Assistant Director of Admissions
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    Patricia Kong 

    Associate Head of School, Director of Admissions