The elementary music program at Pilgrim School strives to develop confident and knowledgeable students who have a life-long love and appreciation for music. Students develop confidence by performing both inside and outside the classroom as individuals and in groups. Students develop knowledge of basic music theory and music history through the curriculum that is carefully developed by the music teachers. Finally, a love and appreciation for music is developed through exposure to a large repertoire of folk music and songs from around the world and classroom instruments. Students in grades K-3 have access to a large collection of Orff instruments that includes xylophones and other percussion instruments. Students in grade 4 learn to play the recorder, which is a fabulous step towards playing a band instrument in grade 5. Students in grade 5 have the choice between a brass, woodwind, or percussion instrument and may work privately with the school band. The music program is one of the many aspects of the Pilgrim School experience that make it a rich and exciting learning environment for all.