Under the direction of Mr. Stephen Turro, the Instrumental Music Program at Pilgrim School has grown tremendously over the past few years. The program is comprehensive and it consists of three main wind ensemble performance groups: 5th Grade Beginning Band, Middle School Band (for students in grades 6-8), and High School Band (for students in grades 9-12). Students enrolled in a band class at Pilgrim School receive one half-hour long private lesson per week in addition to their regular in-class instruction. Middle school band students who can meet certain audition criteria may have an opportunity to perform with the High School Band. Performance opportunities for all Pilgrim band students include participation in the annual winter and spring concerts, school chapel performances, solo opportunities, and off-campus events including the CAIS Honor Band Festival. Mr. Turro also teaches a jazz combo class called Jazz and Blues Lab that is open to any high school student who can meet certain audition criteria. In addition, a Music Theory class is also offered depending upon student interest.