Theater is for everyone at Pilgrim School. Creativity, self-expression, and imaginations are celebrated throughout the Theater Arts program. We offer something for every skill level.

Secondary Theater Arts is a comprehensive program. Beginning with sixth grade, students are introduced to core theater skills, ensemble work, voice, and improv. Building on their skills, Secondary students learn to express their unique voices as they write and perform their original monologues, perform scenes written by accomplished playwrights, and explore the world of Shakespeare. Pilgrim Theater Ensemble is a performance-based course where students have the opportunity to perform two plays throughout the year. The plays can range from Commedia del’Arte to Shakespeare and everything in-between. All Theater Arts courses include work on voice and diction, movement, and character analysis. Field trips to see live theater and guest speakers enhance the student’s theatrical experience throughout the year.

In addition to these courses Pilgrim School presents a spring musical that is open to all who want to participate, K-12. No one is turned away. Rehearsals are held after school with two performances in the spring.

Shannon C. - 6th grade Pilgrim student

“We do theatre to express ourselves and our feelings. I like theater because it’s a fun way to express myself. I also like theater because it’s a way to get over my shyness and be able to be comfortable in front of a large audience.”

Oscar Wilde

“The stage is not merely the meeting place of all the arts, but is also the return of art to life.”