The Art Center is a place where students are true artists. Our studios offer sweeping views of Los Angeles, ample light-filled rooms, and state-of-the-art technical capabilities to aid the students in their creative journey. Students are constantly challenged with new techniques for making, stretching their creativity, and problem-solving within a safe context for exploration, success, and failure. Individuality is stressed, world cultures are explored, and field trips and guest artist visits are woven into the yearly curriculum across all grade levels.

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  • Early Education and Elementary School

    Studio Art in the Elementary School and Early Education is a holistic journey that emphasizes stretching and utilizing imagination while learning skills that will last a lifetime. Students are exposed to a host of diverse mediums, from two-dimensional forms such as painting and drawing to three-dimensional structures such as sculpture, ceramics, and puppet making, to name a few.
  • Middle and High School

    The Secondary School Art Program is a dynamic arts program based within the contemporary art world — the art being made and talked about right now. Students are engaged in real-world art ideas, events, field trips, and outcomes ranging from doing projects with visiting artists to producing an art dining event. Whether the student is attempting to draw the human figure for the first time or contemplating the utility of a lamp design, students understand their artmaking as a creative endeavor within their learning process and in the context of the art world.