2020-2021 PPA & Volunteer Recognition

Pilgrim’s closed campus and social distancing regulations were no match for our creative Pilgrim Parent Association, who were determined to make sure our parent community was as connected as ever through their innovative “Parent Connections” series. Utilizing the expertise and innovation of our community members, the PPA hosted online workshops, Q&A’s, classes, film screenings, and panels to not only bring our parents and students together virtually, but also stimulate our community intellectually and creatively in a time when the monotony of life indoors was taking over. We are so grateful for our amazing PPA Board, committee chairs, and parents for their efforts to plan and execute so many amazing online events throughout the 2020-21 school year!

2020-21 Volunteers

During a year as unique as this one, our community worked harder than ever to maintain our important connections, even when we couldn’t be together on campus. Thanks to our amazing volunteers, we were able to hold incredible and meaningful online events for our parents and students, as well as execute things like the Boo-Thru and Teacher Appreciation Week.

Thank you to the following volunteers and committee chairs for all of your hard work!

Baking Committee
Kim Hamilton

Black History Month Committee
Shafiqa Ahmadi
Brooke Boykin
Kirsa Brooks
Zaki Cole
LaToya Franklyn
Myisha Jones
Dorian Maynard
Helen Mesghina
Stacey Newton
Gabriel Perkins
Gardenia Spiegel
Chambers Stevens
Fabienne Toback
Jonathan Woods

Cafe Barnum
Nicole Dooley
Chambers Stevens

Class Reps
Angela Albert
Mike Ashburn
Harbinder Atwal
Kirsa Brooks
Karolin Clyde
Jen Colin
Kate Fox
Debra Gainor
Maria Galante
Dawyn Harrison-Gaither
Olga Krigman
Jennifer Levine
Ryan Ly
Luci Marzola
Sarah McMaster
Robyn Medina
Cindy Park Kim
Amy Reitsma-Cho
Joel Rubin
Maya Shammas
Emily Skinner
Yin Zhen

Community Connections
Kerry Armstrong
Cutler Family
Fenske Family
Fabienne Toback
Carolyn Winslow
Yin Zhen

Family Community Service Committee

Cafe McMullen
Danielle Steckler

Impact Committee

Kerry Armstrong
Naomi Despres
Juan Devis
Myisha Jones
Jocelyn Hayes-Simpson
Billy Luther
Laura Purdy
Cindy Rodriguez

Pilgrim Parent Association
Deryn Hull
Stacey Newton
Chambers Stevens
Fabienne Toback
Yin Zhen

Pilgrim Night In Committee
Chambers Stevens
Bonnie Zane

Teacher Appreciation Week Committee

Debra Gainor