During these unique times, expressing gratitude is more important than ever — and we have so many people to thank! Keep scrolling for some very special thank you's to the Pilgrim School community.



Faculty and Staff


From the classroom to the computer screen, Pilgrim School teachers have remained remarkably attentive and adaptable!


Maintenance & Security


Our "unsung heroes" work around the clock to make sure that our campus is safe, in tip-top shape, and ready to return to when the time comes.


Mr. Joe


As our Director of Technology, Mr. Joe was a key individual in our transition to distance-learning — and to say he is a tech superhero would be an understatement.


Nurse Hazel


Nurse Hazel has kept the entire Pilgrim School community informed and healthy during these strange times! Her passion for the well-being of our students is something we'll always be grateful for.




Throughout the entire school year, Pilgrim parents show how much they care about the school community. Our parents wear many hats — they're volunteers, donors, and now, teachers at home!

For the 2019-2020 Volunteer Year,

our parents contributed over


volunteer hours!



contributed to

Pilgrim Ninja Nation!

With your generosity, we raised nearly


for the 2019-2020 Pilgrim Fund!

We also reached 75% participation

across all classes!



Grandparents and Special Friends

Our grandparents and special friends truly make Pilgrim a unique, tight-knit community. In addition to Grandparents and Special Friends Day, our Grandparents stay connected by regularly attending school events and serving on our newly-formed Grandparents Council!

On November 22, 2019,



and Special Friends

attended Pilgrim's Grandparents and Special Friends Day!


Do you have someone specific in mind that you would like to thank? Type in the box to the right and we will share it with that person!


"Thank you to Ms. Sallas for being a community service hero!"

"The PPA for their incredible leadership!"

"Dr.Sheryl for being a Beacon of Light and a Strong Leader."

"Gabriel Perkins for being an amazing colleague!"

"Patricia Kong for being an awesome mom/colleague hybrid!"


"Kathie Shorkey"

"Sherry Walker"

"Jennifer Prince"


"Mr. Woods"

"April !!!!!"

"Ms. Kwon"

"the PPA for our Amazon gift cards!!!"

"Katrina Schwerdt for being such an amazing teacher and colleague!"

"all our student artists for continuing to create incredible art and music to share with the community during this time!!!"

"Prema Trettin for inspiring our faculty and students to think about diversity and inclusion"

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