2020-2021 Pilgrim Fund Contributors*

With our sincere gratitude, we recognize our Pilgrim Fund donors for 2020-21!
Angela and Jesse Albert
Amazon Smile Foundation
Kerry and Scot Armstrong
Joseph Arredondo
Isabell and Peter Bogosian
Kirsa and Tarik Brooks
Laurence K. Brown
The Ronald W. Burkle Foundation
The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Mac Carter
The Chapins
Molly Shannon and Fritz Chesnut
Teresa and Dana Collins
Caitlin and Daniel Cutler
Laura Purdy and Juan Devis
Sandra Dewey
Laura Kim and Yousuf Dhamee
Eunice Choe and Sung Y. Do
Scarleth and Juan Dominguez
Finn Faris & Family
Gregory Ford '19
Marilyn and Les Frost
Debra and Glenn Gainor
Victoria and Barry Gleiberman
Max K. Gleiberman '17
CJ Hwang and Ryan Grady
Nicole Moore and Lorna Green
Joanne and Jerod Gunsberg
Sandra and Allen Hamilton
Harold J. Fouts and Marie J. Fouts Survivor's Trust
Karen Church and Kerry Holmwood
Claudio Howard '76
Deryn and Robert Hull
Jill Cordes and Phil Johnston
Myisha Jones
Pamela R. Keon '76
Carol Krusmark and Kevin Kleber
Myra Chan and Robert Koven
Nari Kye
The Larsen Family
Sarah McMaster and Scott Larson
Nicholas Le Corvec
Zaheda Khan and Mario Lejtman
John Lucas '83
Lumpkin Family Foundation
Shyreen Martin and Samuel Hancock
Sue Tsai and Thomas Mastorakos
Ryan McCoy and Sarah Trudell-McCoy
Sally McDonald and Hope Smith
Mayanka and Pravin Melville
Mr. Daniel Ming and Ms. Desiree DeSurra
Mary McCloud and Scott Moore
Naomi Despres and Arty Nelson
Marie-Jo and Daniel Newlon
Elizabeth Bangs and Matthew Oberg
Joy Ogbunamiri '93
Ngozi Ogbunamiri Ezike '90
Valerie and Craig Pearson
Catherine and Jordan Perry
Sharon Seebach and John Pierce
Erin Zimring and Daniel Pipski
Rothschild Family Foundation
Tara Peris and Joel Rubin
Rebecca and Michael Schafler
Fernanda and Hans Schmid
Elina and George Siafaris
Jocelyn Hayes-Simpson and Bradford Simpson
Mi Chelle Sorey
Erica Rothschild and Marcus Spiegel
Gardenia Spiegel
Kari and William Stinehart
Julie and Winston Stromberg
Angie and Josh Tepper
Eva Van Brunt and Nicholas Van Brunt
Tracie Verlinde-Van Doren and Doug Van Doren
Veasna and Douglas Vanderbilt
Connie Walsh
Hilary Bidwell and Eric Weinberg
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
Tessa and Michael White
April Wind and Michelle Koscielniak
Bonnie Zane
*Last updated 2/22/2021