2021-2022 Pilgrim Fund Contributors*

With our sincere gratitude, we recognize our Pilgrim Fund donors for 2021-22!

Nadine Hettle and Eric Aagaard
Liz Friedman and Yvette Abatte
Nicole and Rohan aBeckett
Amalisa Abels
Mary Alberghetti
Angela and Jesse Albert
Patricia and Hani Alexander
Amazon Smile
Leisa and Michael Andrews
Anonymous (24)
Kerry and Scot Armstrong
Ash Family
Armine Assatryan
Josephine Mongare and Gerald Atunga
Billy Luther and Fenton Bailey
Desiree Banta
Sonia Rodriguez and Silvia Barajas
Randy Barbato and Gil Valenzuela
Daryl Barry
Hal Bastian
Karin and Henrik Bastin
Tyler Beardsley
Jonathan Swaden and James Bekier
Kristin Jeannette-Meyers and Paul Bernstein
Blackbaud Giving Fund
Isabell and Peter Bogosian
Laura and Rob Boyd
Brooke Boykin
Marissa Boyle
Zoe and James Breen
Kirsa and Tarik Brooks
Laurence K. Brown
Buchanan Family
Lorrayne and Jason Burns
Colleen O'Brien and Noah J. Butler
Carmen Camacho
Thomas Suberman and Scott Campbell
Cori and Jared Cardwell
Heather Carrigan
Mr. and Mrs. Mac Carter in memory of Mary Mooney
Maite Cervik
Chandler and Steven Chang
Sara and Scott Chapin
Sarah Chaskes
Coco Chesse '20
Amy Reitsma and Ramon Cho
Carolina Kim and Jengwoo Choo
Lily Gonzalez Chow and Travis Chow
Yeon Kim and Henry Chun '98
Jiyoun Kim and Kibum Chun
Maria and Rudy Chung
Jennifer Clark
Dr. Sheryl Cohen
Shafiqa Ahmadi and Darnell Cole
Jennifer and Loren Colin
Joe Concialdi
Enrique Cortez
Costin Family
Melinda and Joseph Coyne
Miwa Tripp and Aaron Craig
Holly and Kenneth Crosby
Kris D'Amico
Courtney Treut Derderian and John Derderian
Laura Purdy and Juan Devis
Sandra Dewey
Laura Kim and Yousuf Dhamee
Eunice Choe and Sung Y Do
Scarleth and Juan Dominguez
Lacy and Tomy Drissi
Amy and Giles Dunning
Grace Lee and Tom Edgar
Ekedahl Family
Hillary Mushkin and Michael Elowitz
Jessi Klein and Michael Engleman
Gretchen Lieberum and Jacob Estes
Samantha Powell and John Falcon
Kate and Roderick Fenske
Stacy Fernandez
Greg Ford '19
Kate and Robert Fox
Marilyn and Les Frost
Debra and Glenn Gainor
Oana Galicki
Maria Garcia
Jessica and Seamus Garrity
Grace Chen and Ling Ge
Ruben Geerman
Catherine and Daniel Gellert
Ghobrial Family
Joey Soloway and Bruce Gilbert
Victoria and Barry Gleiberman
Max K. Gleiberman '17
Anahi Nieves and Juan Gonzalez
Poppy & Judy Gotten
Nicholas Gotten III
CJ Hwang and Ryan Grady
Graham Family
Sonny Ruscha Granade and Rives Granade
Kehaulani and DJ Gregory
Rose Apodaca and Andy Griffith
Joanne and Jerod Gunsberg
Rose Hajian
Jacob R. Hamilton '15
Kassidy Hamilton '17
Sandra and Allen Hamilton
Kelsey and Cory Hammer
Carrie and Benjamin Harr
Sharon and Billy Harris
Annie Dominguez and Jesse Hernandez
Juan Carlos Hernandez
Anne Heche
Gregory Hoffman and Lev Iacovlev
Megan Holmstrom
Karen Church and Kerry Holmwood
Claudio Howard '76
Sabrina Howenstine
Liyan Wang and Albert Hu
Deryn and Robert Hull
Heather and Josh Huntington
Hurley/Paul Family
Silvia and Enrique Ibarra
Helene Schwartz and Jason Ickovitz
Therese Nery and Amad Jackson
Jin Yong An and Janie Hyojeong Jeon
Annie and Sean Johnson
Jill Cordes and Phil Johnston
Myisha Jones
Shannon Jones
David Kang
Grace and Peter Kang
Hyunjin and Thomas Kang
Raymon Kang
Pamela R. Keon '76
Yun Jung Choi and Joon Sung Khee
Amanda Hayes-Kibreab and Biniam Kibreab
Nora Kiely
Junghwa Kim
Eileen and Euiyoung Kim
Seungmi Park and Eugene Kim
Hannah and Tae Kim
Elle Pirmoradi and Robert Kiminecz
Kite Family
Kari Krusmark and Kevin Kleber
Sarah Cronin and Brian Klein
Debbie Koller
Krislyn and Dimitri Komarov
Myra Chan and Robert Koven
Olga Krigman
Hana Kwon
Nari Kye
Eva Qiu and Alwin La Pietra
Carmel and Christian Lachel
Stacey Lan
Michael Ashburn and Eric Lanyard
Larsen Family
Alexandra Lascano-Morris
Robin Lau
Xi Yang and Bryan Lee
Roy Lee
Zaheda Khan and Mario Lejtman
Alicia Levano
Jennifer Levine
Carolyn Sims and Bruno Lewin
Alex Lingois
Kari and Brad Listi
Yuanzhe Li and I-Chun Liu
Kathleen Logue
Ivana and Tom Lombardi
John Lucas '83
George and Sarah Luther
Sue and Stephen Ma
Lauren Lexton and Kevin MacCarthy
Staci Sosa and Omar Macedo
Annie and William Macomber
Christine Mai
Joanne Kim and Joel Manilay
Gina Marcheschi
Wendy Priest and Matthew Marmolejo
Shyreen Martin
Sue Tsai and Thomas Mastorakos
Kim Hamilton and Jay Matino
Dorian Maynard
Sarah Trudell-McCoy and Ryan McCoy
Brenda Cortez and Michael McGilvery
Christopher McKay
Sarah Smith and Ben McLean
Melville Family
Linda Miller
Desiree DeSurra and Daniel Ming
Lorna Green and Nicole Moore
Mary McCloud and Scott Moore
Rachel Iverson and Benjamin Mulcahy
Naomi Despres and Arty Nelson
Marie-Jo and Daniel Newlon
Karen Liu and Chun Pin Nien
Keshni Kashyap and Karl Nilsson
Elizabeth Bangs and Matthew Oberg
Ryan Oishi
Joy Ogbunamiri '93
Humberto Coreas and Milgro Orellana
Mina Ortega
D.R. and Suzanne Osimo
Patricia Kong and Richard Pak
Sook Won and James Park
Park-Cordoba Family
Rachel Pear
Ashley and Brian Pearson
Valerie and Craig Pearson
Beatrice Shen and Michael Peraza
Lindsay and Gabriel Perkins
Cat and JJ Perry
Picataggio Family
Sharon Seebach and John Pierce
Posamentier Family
Hannah DeCell and James Pressley
Cara and Scott Putman
Rakos Family
Yin Zhen and Chas Rampenthal
Jennifer Reberger
Abigail Schwarzwalder and Timothy Roche
Cindy and Steves Rodriguez
Lisa Rosenfeld
Tara Peris and Joel Rubin
James Rwoti
David Ryu
Jill and Courtney Sanford
Michael Sarafian
Carla Gallo and Mark Satterthwaite
Sarah, Eddie and Ryan Scannell
Rebecca and Michael Schafler
Schmid Family
Lauren Soloff and Adam Sher
Olivia Zoe Kahr and Daniel Shin
Kathreen Shorkey
Leslie Rathe and Peter Sherman
Elina and George Siafaris
Jocelyn Hayes-Simpson and Bradford Simpson
Angela Melara and Christopher Singleton
Anne Hwang and Michael Sobkowiak
Megan Wahtera and Peter Soldinger
Myoung Kim and Yo Chan Song
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Jaci Hays and Richard Speight
Erica Rothschild and Marcus Spiegel
Amanda Stewart
Kari and William Stinehart
Julie and Winston Stromberg
Catherine Simonsen and Patrick Sullivan
Soyoung and Gene Surh
Samantha Sutter
Tara and Charles Taylor
Angie and Josh Tepper
Courtney Terzyan
Thomson Family
Julia Meltzer and David Thorne
Fabienne and Jeremy Toback
Caroline Treadwell
Eva and Nicholas Van Brunt
Tracie Verlinde-Van Doren and Doug Van Doren
Thomas Vance
Veasna and Douglas Vanderbilt
Miriam Vargas
Adriana Alberghetti Vinson and Tripp Vinson
Walker Family
Amanda and Johnny Walker
Sherry Walker
Connie Walsh
Warner Media
Hilary Bidwell and Eric Weinberg
Wells Fargo
Western Asset Management
Kristine Williams
April Wind
Gia and Michael Wise
Misherr Tseng and Benjamin Wong
Whitney Friedlander and Alex Woo
Lara Howenstine and Benjamin Wynn
Min Lee and Toby Yates
Bin Jiang and Qing Yi
Chris Young
Ellis Yu
Bonnie Zane
Caitlin Feury and Christopher Zatta
Betsy Koch and Josh Zetumer
Li Zhang
Lorraine Getz and Adam Zuckert
*Last updated 6/7/22

Please contact pilgrimadvancement@pilgrim-school.org if you would like to update your recognition name or if you have any questions.