Visiting Artist Sarah Marcotte

Sarah Marcotte is a science and engineering communicator.  She began her career in museums with Art History but through a bizarre experience on a New York City sidewalk, she fell in love with science and engineering–subjects she’d never given a second glance in high school.  
Sarah S. Marcotte has been active in the informal science field for over 12 years. She got her start at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County where she worked extensively in outreach to schools and the community, first as Education Specialist in the Insect Zoo, and later as the Education Manager supervising an outdoor ecology program and the Mobile Education program, three tractor trailers with immersive teaching environments for students age 8 to 12.
She focused on staff training and program development as Education Manager at Kidspace Children’s Museum, and is now the Museum Services Representative at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, responsible for creating partnerships to disseminate Mars content to museums.
Sarah serves on the boards of the Museum Educators of Southern California, the Museum Education Roundtable, and the American Association of Museums’ Media and Technology standing professional committee.
She holds graduate degrees in Museum Education and Education Technology, and not surprisingly, her areas of interest include science, family learning and technology.