Pilgrim MS and HS Pom Team

The Pilgrim MS and HS Pom Teams created by our Dance teacher, Mina Ortega, keep on winning. Congratulations on winning this weekend!
The Pilgrim Middle School and High School Pom Teams were created two years ago by our Dance teacher, Mina Ortega. A portion of our students were progressing at such a fast pace that Mina thought, instead of limiting them to school performances, let me really challenge them and throw them into the deep end of the dance team competition world. They ate up the idea and we were off!! In addition to teaching dance at Pilgrim, coaching the dance team at USC, and working for the last 20 years in sports entertainment with the NBA & NFL, Mina used to be a very competitive dance team choreographer and coach. So the thought of going back to this world was "are you really up for this?" "the after hours, your weekends, all of the extras that it takes to be successful, the building from the ground up?" The answer was YES!! Mina loves our school, students and parents that the obvious answer was yes!!
We qualified for Nationals in our first year and although we didn't make finals, we placed 5th! The girls watched the finalists and said "now we get it." They understood that we were behind and that we had work to do. This year, the Pilgrim Middle School Pom Team made finals in their second year in existence and placed 3rd over all. We are sharing this with you all to reassure you that even through our toughest days as teachers, this is the HEART of the Pilgrim student.