Pilgrim School relies on charitable contributions from families, alumni, friends, and foundations in order to provide the essential elements of a top-quality education. Each year, we ask our community to place Pilgrim as a top philanthropic priority by supporting the Pilgrim Fund, attending fundraising events, and giving to scholarship funds.

Your support is very much appreciated.

Catie Langston
Director of Advancement
Giving Circles
Giving circles have been established to recognize those who make significant gifts to Pilgrim. Below is a description of each level, as well as the value of any applicable goods and services. Each circle reflects total giving to the school including corporate matching gifts.

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  • 1958

    - Listing in annual report
    - Invitation for two to cocktail reception with the Head of School and fellow contributors
    $100 value

  • Plymouth

    - Benefits of the 1958 Giving Circle
    - Invitations to special events with Pilgrim Visiting Artists and Writers held throughout the year
    $150 value
  • Patriot

    - Benefits of the Plymouth Giving Circle
    - Invitation to a reception and private tour of the Lipetz House with fellow Patriot and Founders Circle supporters.
    $250 value
  • Founders

    $10,000 and above
    - Benefits of the Patriot Giving Circle
    - Invitation for two to an exclusive dinner with our Head of School and fellow Founders Circle supporters
    $450 value 

Meet the Advancement Staff

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the Pilgrim Fund?

    Gifts to the Pilgrim Fund supplement the school’s yearly operating budget, as tuition alone does not cover the entire cost of educating each student. As is typical for private and independent schools, tuition and fees cover approximately 85% of the cost. The remaining “gap” is bridged with tax-deductible donations from parents, alumni, church members, governing board members, faculty, staff, and friends.

    One of our goals this year is to substantially increase parent and alumni participation in the Pilgrim Fund. A high percentage of participation from the Pilgrim community makes it easier for us to receive funding from our foundation and corporate partners. When outside funding sources see that our community supports the mission of Pilgrim School, we can build a stronger case for their support. Your donation, of any amount, helps to strengthen the future of our school.
  • How are donors recognized?

    Pilgrim recognizes donors in many ways…
    Like so many of the class projects, team victories, or magical performances we witness on campus, the success of Pilgrim is truly a team effort. Pilgrim flourishes only because the school is tended to and treasured by so many different people — teachers, students, parents, alumni, and the greater Los Angeles community. We are so deeply appreciative of our donors and their support of Pilgrim’s endeavors. Every gift makes a difference — and every gift helps the school sustain its tradition of excellence.

    Annual Report
    The annual report, published in the fall, recognizes all gifts and contributions to Pilgrim School during the previous fiscal year (July 1-June 30). It provides an opportunity for the school to thank its donors and volunteers and to highlight the Pilgrim community’s successes.
  • Does Pilgrim have an endowment?

    YES! Money in the Endowment Fund is invested. The principal remains intact as the school spends a percentage of the interest income. The practical equivalent is a savings account. Endowment income allows Pilgrim to invest in faculty compensation or new faculty positions, enriched academic programs and resources, and financial aid. The endowment also provides stability and security in the event of unforeseen events.

    Income provided by endowment funds means...
    • Tuition increases can be controlled. Tuition does not cover the full cost of a Pilgrim education. Income from our endowment means that tuition increases can be kept low to maintain affordability for all families. Pilgrim’s tuition rose 5% this year, as opposed to the 12% increase from comparable schools.
    • Support for compensation for an outstanding faculty. To reward and retain a top-notch faculty, salaries must rise by more than the factor of inflation. Endowment is needed to cover this essential expense.
    • Financial aid to students. Endowment provides funding that supports economic diversity in the Pilgrim student body.
    • Stability and reserves during uncertain economic times.
    • Available funding when unique opportunities or new educational initiatives present themselves.
  • Do you accept gifts of appreciated securities?

    YES! Gifts of appreciated securities make particularly effective gifts as they provide a meaningful income tax deduction for the full fair market value at the time the gift is made. Neither the donor nor Pilgrim School incurs capital gains when the gift is liquidated. For more information on how to make tax-deductible gifts of securities, please contact Catie Langston, 213-355-5227.
  • Can I support Pilgrim School through my estate?

    YES! For many people, the best way to make a significant donation to charity is through their estate. With planning and foresight, a legacy gift can assure that the Pilgrim School mission is carried into the future. There are also tax benefits.

    One method of supporting Pilgrim is through a planned gift, or a bequest. Making a bequest is as simple as inserting a few sentences into you will, such as, “I give $_________ to Pilgrim School.” The school can also be a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or an IRA. Bequests can be earmarked for the endowment, or directed to any area of the school. If you are interested in learning more about bequests, please contact Catie Langston, 213-355-5227. All conversations are confidential.