Summer Camp at Pilgrim

JK - 8th Grade Camp Super Duper

We are excited to announce that, starting this Spring and Summer, CAMP SUPER DUPER will be our new camp on campus.

Starting this Spring, and for 9 weeks this Summer, Camp Super Duper will be offering day camp programs, right here on our campus, for kids from 4 years old through 8th grade, and Counselor-In-Training programs for teens from 9th through 12th grade.

Camp Super Duper is a heart-centered, joy-driven, growth-oriented (and CRAZY FUN) camp whose mission is to help kids tap into and show up as the biggest, boldest, bravest, shiniest version of themselves.

We are thrilled to be partnering with them, as their values and mission are a perfect complement to our values, here at Pilgrim School.

At Camp Super Duper, kids DiscoverCreateConnectLaughPlay and GROW.

To learn more about Camp Super Duper, visit or scroll down to learn a little more about what they do.
What Do They Do?

Camp Super Duper offers a kaleidoscope of activities for every age, and every kind of kid, including:

Art, Sports, Cooking, Circus Arts, Parkour, Music, Theatre, Dance, Yoga, Skateboarding, DJing, Podcasting, Animation, Science, Filmmaking, Photography, Lego Engineering, Tinkering, Video Game Design, Songwriting, Music Recording, Martial Arts, Nature Education, Archery, Herbal Apothecary, Remote Control Cars, Open Creativity Labs, Mini Golf and more.

They also have Water Play, Spirit Days, Theme Days, Dress-Up Days, Performances, Intra-Camp Games, Field Trips*, Beach Days, Optional Overnights*, Group Projects, Talent Shows, Trashion shows, Mindfulness & Meditation, Scooters, Mini Golf and lots of spontaneous magic-making!

Learn More...

To get a quick snapshot of what Camp Super Duper looks and feels like, watch this 60 second clip:

For a deeper look, check out this 3 minute exploration of what we're all about.

For fun, check out this rap music video our campers made last year.