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Educational Philosophy & Commitments

Our Purpose: To inspire and challenge students to better themselves and the world around them.

Pilgrim School, founded in 1958, is a mastery-based, college preparatory school in Koreatown with an inclusive community serving Preschool through 12th Grade. 

Educational Philosophy

We provide a challenging, college preparatory program in a way that promotes enduring understanding and  development of critical skills, knowledge, and patterns of thinking. All learners develop their passion, voice, and purpose. We challenge the status quo of education and outdated models of schooling that perpetuate inequity. 

At the core of our educational philosophy is our commitment to mastery-based learning.  At Pilgrim, the student is at the center of the learning, focusing on growth, continuous improvement, and mastery of essential skills.  Students engage in authentic and challenging learning experiences where they develop an understanding of themselves as learners and what they need to reach their goals. 

To reach our goal and fulfill our Purpose and Promise, we articulate five commitments that form the foundation of our mastery-based educational philosophy.

Our Commitments

We Commit To Focus on the Whole Child

A focus on developing social-emotional and cognitive skills is equally important to fostering a passion for learning and academic achievement.  Our students become adults who care for others and lead with empathy, who are resilient in the face of adversity, who are self-reliant, and who have healthy relationships.  We maintain an unwavering commitment to the overall well-being of every child in our community.

We Commit To Personalized Learning

At the heart of learning at Pilgrim is our attention to personal growth and relationships.  We know our students. Students and teachers collaborate to develop unique pathways that are meaningful, interest-driven, and inspiring. Teachers are mentors, coaches, and facilitators of learning along those pathways.

We Commit To the Power of Play and Inquiry

Play and inquiry are essential parts of every child’s healthy development at all stages of learning. This forms the foundation of well-developed social and communication skills, the ability to be independent, and the capacity to think critically and creatively.  We harness the natural curiosity of every learner so that they create their own meaning and understanding.

We Commit To Interdisciplinary and Globally Connected Learning

The complexity of our modern, globalized society requires us to refocus on what we want students to learn and how they are engaging in learning.  While foundational skills are still critically important, students must also develop higher-level capabilities such as creativity, problem-solving, and global competence.  This requires students to engage in learning that transcends traditional disciplines, and to collaborate with peers and experts from around the city, the country, and the world.

We Commit To Art, Design, and Creativity

Art, design, and creativity play critical roles in human development and our ability to understand ourselves and each other. Students participate in a wide range of creative opportunities designed to foster individual voices.  Our students leap into the world as inquisitive thinkers, fearless doers, and limitless creators.  

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