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"Any school that can see each student as an individual, and be a guide to each child's unique potential, has delivered.  If at the same time, the school can provide an environment of support and joyfulness, well then the school has over-delivered.  Cheers to Pilgrim for doing both." 
— Sandra D., Parent
"Pilgrim school is a wonderful, caring school.  The friendly staff nurture, support and educate the children in an encouraging and positive environment.  My daughter loves going to Pilgrim and we are proud to be part of the Pilgrim School family."  
— Alicja A., Parent
"Pilgrim is so much more than our kids' school. It is a welcoming, caring, thoughtful community.  Our children are in their sixth year at Pilgrim, and it is not an overstatement to say it is their second home.  From the teachers to the yard staff to the office administration to the other students and parents, they feel supported and encouraged to learn and thrive and to become their best selves.  It is a vibrant and stimulating educational environment, where they have found not only a deep love of learning and thinking and questioning but also a community that makes them feel safe, secure, and loved."
— Rebecca S., Elementary Parent
We can always count on everyone that works at the school in every capacity to be friendly, caring, compassionate and empathetic, while also managing a loving discipline and structure that is necessary with young kids.
— Jason O., Parent
We always talk about the consistency, we love how everyone always shows up in the same way. Also our daughter has made great friends so far and we love the community. The community is warm and supportive.
— Jennifer C., Parent
We chose Pilgrim for our son because we sensed that it was a school that put the students needs to the forefront. We could tell that the people who worked here truly cared about the kids. And importantly, as we walked around the campus, we saw true diversity, not just the diversity that tends to show up in brochures.
— Eric L., Parent

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