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The idea for One Potato was cooked up in our Original Potatoes – Chef Catherine & Chris – in their home kitchens.

One Potato was created to feed their families and yours; and to ensure parents no longer dread the question, "what's for dinner?" This spring, we expanded to ready-made lunches, and Pilgrim is our very 1st school where we are onsite every day. We lead with nutrition, offering a diverse palate of whole foods.

Our lunches and meal kits are built on the premise of community. We know there is so much joy in eating with your friends and exploring new foods and experiences together. We look forward to serving your children with One Potato in our inaugural year at Pilgrim.

Still want to try for September? Sign up by Friday September 2nd. Next Chance is September 15th for the month of October. 

Last day for 10% off the Annual Meal Plan is September 15th.

If you haven't signed up for One Potato, make your life easy this year!

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