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International & Boarding Students

We welcome international students for all grades, toddler through grade 12. Students from around the world provide invaluable benefits to our entire community. Our guidelines for living situations are as follows:For grades toddler-8th, the child must be living with their parents. For grades 9-12, the child may stay in our dormitory or live with their parents. We do not allow for homestays or children living with relatives other than parents.

Boarding at Pilgrim

The Pilgrim School boarding program aims to provide a safe, happy, productive, structured, enriching, and stimulating atmosphere for our boarding students. Relationships are based on warmth, mutual respect, and genuine concern. We aim to support our boarders as they adjust to and manage an independent living, encourage academic progress and personal growth and promote a positive home atmosphere. Boarding students become part of a large family, with all the joys and sorrows that that may bring. Our “dorm parents” treat students as if they were their own: with love, concern, kindness, consistency, fairness, and the little extra parenting which helps youth grow into adulthood. International students need extra attention as they are in a new culture, away from home, and adjusting to a new environment. Bilingual teachers and counselors will assist students with their adjustment to the Pilgrim community.

Life In The Dorm

Residential life at Pilgrim

Our boarding facility is located adjacent to the school. It is available to qualified students from all over the world. There are two floors to the dormitory, and dorm parents live on each floor. Student rooms are fully equipped with beds, desks, storage, closet space, wireless computer connection, and air conditioning. An ample common space, recreational and study areas, and a dining room and kitchen are available. Breakfast and dinner are served at the residence, while lunch on weekdays is provided at school.

Steps to Apply

Pilgrim Application

Application fee of $350

English Language Proficiency ExamCurrent TOEFL scores (minimum of 80 for high school). For more information on TOEFL exam dates and locations, visit Our school code is 4163.

Duolingo English Exam

Once we receive your application, we will schedule an interview on Zoom.

After an application is reviewed Pilgrim School schedules a Skype interview with selected students. Once a student is admitted, Pilgrim School issues an I-20 along with the official acceptance letter.

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