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Personal Attention

Who your student is matters to us. At Pilgrim, lessons and assignments start with meeting each student where they are. Using what already interests a student to guide their education leads to memorable and surprising learning.

Focus on Mastery

At Pilgrim School, we understand that grades don’t tell a student’s whole story. Mastery-based learning allows for a deeper understanding of each student while empowering learners to reflect on what they already know and what they still need to.

Joyful Experience

Encouraging curiosity is central to shaping lifelong-learners. The Pilgrim School curriculum uses guided play and targeted questions to help students develop the critical thinking skills necessary to be successful adults.

Arts & Creativity

Pilgrim School is renowned for our commitment to arts education. Academic studies walk hand-in-hand with the arts, allowing for meaningful conversations, creative thinking, and powerful problem solving while building social confidence.

Engineering & Design

Our innovative Engineering program exposes students to many different disciplines from a young age. Dynamic, project-based learning prepares students for real world careers using industry-standard equipment and software.

Global Awareness

Pilgrim School prepares students for a globally connected future in one of the most diverse cities in the world. From cultural education in elementary school, to international trips in high school, our programs help students develop an understanding of their place in the world.


“Pilgrim has been incredibly supportive with our son's educational needs. His teachers have truly gone above and beyond to make us feel supported. When his third grade teacher showed up at his baseball playoff game one weekend, I knew this was a special group. ”


“Our daughter feels safe, loved, and valued at Pilgrim. She is nurtured and appreciated for who she is. ”


“Pilgrim has been a good fit for our son because it has welcomed him not just with warmth, but patience and compassion. He truly feels part of a community beyond his classroom. From the camping trip to the school play, Pilgrim has helped him to grow and forge his own identity.”


“We always talk about the consistency, we love how everyone always shows up in the same way. Also our daughter has made great friends so far and we love the community. The community is warm and supportive. ”

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