Baseball, football, soccer, cross country, track and field, volleyball, cheer. Pilgrim students compete wholeheartedly, and our no-cut policy ensures all who want to play take their place on the team. And we win. Pilgrim athletics embraces sportsmanship, teamwork, and excellence. You see it on the banners that hang from the gymnasium walls, from the trophies in the cases, and most importantly, in the athletes themselves, whose support for their teammates is exemplary.

Athletics Teams

Our athletic opportunities vary due to student interest and participation. With our “Everybody Plays” policy, our students are able to participate on fall, winter, and spring teams.

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  • Fall Season

    Varsity Flag Football
    Varsity Girls Volleyball
    Varsity Girls & Boys Cross Country
    Varsity Table Tennis
    Varsity Pom (Competitive Dance)

    Middle School Flag Football

    Middle School Girls Volleyball
    Middle School Cross Country
    Middle School Table Tennis
    Middle School Pom (Competitive Dance)

  • Winter Season

    Varsity Boys Basketball
    Varsity Girls Basketball
    Varsity Soccer
    Varsity Pom (Competitive Dance)

    Middle School Boys Basketball
    Middle School Girls Basketball
    Middle School Pom (Competitive Dance)
    Elementary Soccer
    Elementary Basketball Clinics
  • Spring Season

    Varsity Track and Field
    Varsity Boys Volleyball
    Varsity Golf
    Varsity Pom (Competitive Dance)

    Middle School Soccer
    Middle School Boys Volleyball
    Middle School Boys and Girls Track and Field
    Middle School Pom (Competitive Dance)

Meet the Coaches

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  • Photo of Michael Sarafian

    Mr. Michael Sarafian 

    Director of Athletics
  • Photo of Joshua Manly

    Mr. Joshua Manly 

    Associate Director of Athletics
  • Photo of Brooke Boykin

    Ms. Brooke Boykin 

    Physical Literacy Coach
  • Photo of Enrique Cortez

    Mr. Enrique Cortez 

    Elementary & Secondary Athletics