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2023-2024 Donor Roll

With our sincere gratitude, we recognize our Pilgrim Fund donors for 2023-24!

Amalisa Abels

Alisa Wiegers and James Adler

The Ahmanson Foundation

Scarlet Garcia and Arturo Alderete

Eleanor Comegys and Marcos Alvarez

Karla Anaya

Katie Andrade

Anonymous (8)

Kerry and Scot Armstrong

Armine Assatryan

William Luther and Fenton Bailey

Randy Barbato

Maisha Closson and Chris Barnes

Hal Bastian

Daryl Barry

Karin and Henrik Bastin

Tyler Beardsley

Susana Alberti and Daniel Berdakin

Natasha and Michael Bernstein

Paul Bernstein

Blackbaud Giving Fund

Grace Bodie

Jeri Brannan

Dawn Salyards and Mark Brettschneider

Ronda Doyal and Bryan Brown

Heather Lawless and Jeff Buchanan

Katherine McDaniel and Nicholas Buffini

Jacinta Capelli

The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation

Maite Cervik

Chandler and Steven Chang

Yoori Lim and Young Kuk Chang

Sara and Scott Chapin

Sarah and Michael Chaskes

Fernando Chaves

Janice Ying and Bryan Chen

Michelle Wang and Dave Chen

Ji Hye and Il Myung Cho

Sopia and Samuel Choi

Yeon Kim and Henry Chun '98

Jiyoun Kim and Kibum Chun

Fatama and Michael Cohen

Sheryl Cohen

Joe Concialdi

Ames Ingham and Mariano Cordero

Enrique Cortez

Faith Crawford and Jacob Duzsik

Catherine and Michael Curley

Caitlin and Daniel Cutler

Sybil and John-Paul Cuzzo

Michaela McManus and Mike Daniels

Naomi Despres and Arty Nelson

Michael Destro

Liz Destro and Blake Dirickson

Eunice Choe and Sung Y Do

Annie Dominguez

Shah Martirosyan and Chris Driscoll

Liesel Reinisch and Gary Eckwortzel

Kirsten Roeters and David Eilenberg

Jessi Klein and Michael Engleman

Georgia Etheridge and Cameron Stephens

Ashley Chao and Bryant Flores

Kate and Robert Fox

Zoe Fox

Estee Stanley and Bryan Furst

Dawyn Harrison-Gaither and Lee Gaither

Kitty Gallegos

Maria Garcia

Grace Chen and Ling Ge

Catherine and Daniel Gellert

Jennie Morris and Mikhail Gershovich

Mona and Joshua Goldstein

Rafe Goodwell

Nina Barry and Chris Gorak

Connie Hwang and Ryan Grady

Tara Leon-Graham and Alastair Graham

Sonny Ruscha Granade and Rives Granade

Kehaulani and DJ Gregory

Wei Wang and Shaochun Guo

Rose Hajian

Sandra and Allen Hamilton

Kelsey and Cory Hammer

Shyreen and Sammy Hancock

Tahli Fisher Harkham and Sammy Harkham

Carrie and Benjamin Harr

Janelle Brown and Greg Harrison

Sally Aristei and Jennifer Hartman

Nicole Lambrou and Drake Hawthorne

Juan Carlos Hernandez

Chris Heywood and Nick Tomasetti

Cynthia Hill

Anne Churchland and Alex Huk

Deryn and Robert Hull

Henya Paul and Stephen Hurley

Helene Schwartz and Jason Ickovitz

Nicholas and Alexandra Iurato

Qing Yi and Bin Jiang

Cheadrianna Johnson and William Brinson

Jessica and Robert Johnson

Junghwa Kim and Kisub Jung

David Kang

Hyunju Son and Raymon Kang

Lauren Kaszubski

Julie Khamphanthong and Chase Whalen

Monica Kim and John Yu

Carol Krusmark and Kevin Kleber

Debbie Koller

Patricia Kong and Richard Pak

Nari Kye

Janne Larsen

Alexandra Lascano-Morris

Robin Lau

Dohee Lee and Phil Lee

Alicia Levano

Nerly Lobos

Kathleen Logue

Beth Loheed

Sarah Bryan and Michael Longo

Hana Lopez

Lauren Lexton and Kevin MacCarthy

Staci Sosa and Omar Macedo

Nora Malone

Autumn Koller '03 and Joshua Manly

Wendy Priest and Matthew Marmolejo

Dorian Maynard

Mayanka and Pravin Melville

Linda Miller

Savina and Samuel Mimoun

Mary McCloud and Scott Moore

Vanessa Munos

Therese Nery and Amad Jackson

Marie-Jo and Daniel Newlon

Aimee and Matteo Nurizzo

Elizabeth Bangs and Matthew Oberg

Colleen O'Brien and Noah J. Butler

Joy Ogbunamiri '93

Jennifer Sung and Alfredo Ok

Jennifer Como and Jason Orme

Mina Ortega

Merari Palacios

Jeewon Lee and Jae Park

Mark Cordoba and James Park

Sook Won and James Park

Rachel Pear

Andrew Pearce

Beatrice Shen and Michael Peraza

April and Ray Perez

Lindsay and Gabriel Perkins

Erin Zimring and Daniel Pipski

Alison Gilbert and Jonathan Polikowski

Samantha Powell and John Falcon

Cara and Scott Putman

Bethany Black and Justin Regan

Yila Renner

Blanca and Jose Reyes

Silvia Barajas and Sonia Rodriguez

Tara Peris and Joel Rubin

Susi Santiago

Jyoti Sarda and Lawrence Rogow

Lorraine and Joseph Sarles

Brittney and Reeve Schley

Anna Schlosser

Anthony Shaffer

Kathreen Shorkey

Aubrey and Adam Siegel

Kelly Tyler and Kenneth Simon

Madeleine Simonds

Michelle and Adam Sinclair

Laurence Goldberg and Jonah Smith

Gretchen Stoecker and Gregory Sobotka

Lauren Soloff and Adam Sher

Joey Soloway

Myoung Kim and Yo Chan Song

Erica Rothschild and Marcus Spiegel

Tyler Stein

Betsy Sullenger and Chambers Stevens

Joanna Stevens

Amanda Stewart

Kari and William Stinehart

Julie and Winston Stromberg

Danielle Weeks and Aaron Strongoni

Matilda Zoltowski and Laurent Sungkur

Soyoung and Gene Surh

James Bekier and Jonathan Swaden

Kerri-Ann Thompson

Belinda Waltman and Matt Thomson

Caroline Treadwell

Brian Ulatowski

Gilberto Valenzuela

Veasna and Douglas Vanderbilt

Miriam Vargas

Adriana Alberghetti Vinson and Tripp Vinson

Candace Wai

Sherry Walker

Liyan Wang and Albert Hu

Julia Fauzia-Whatley and Curtis Whatley

Brandace and William Wilson

April Wind and Michelle Koscielniak

World of Wonder Productions

Caitlin Feury and Christopher Zatta

Stacen Berg and Paul Zografakis

Last updated on 12/12/2023

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