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2022-2023 Donor Roll

With our sincere gratitude, we recognize our Pilgrim Fund donors for 2022-23!

Amalisa Abels

Lauren Abrahams

The Ahmanson Foundation

T'ien Cheshier and James Allen

Leisa and Michael Andrews

Anonymous (19)


Kerry and Scot Armstrong

Alicia and Kirtland Ash

Armine Assatryan

Willam Luther and Fenton Bailey

Randy Barbato

Maisha Closson and Chris Barnes

Hal Bastian

Karin and Henrik Bastin

Tyler Beardsley


Allison Fell and Zachary Berger

Natasha and Michael Bernstein

Paul Bernstein

Hilary Bidwell

Blackbaud Giving Fund

Boeing Global Engagement

Isabell and Peter Bogosian

Laura and Rob Boyd

Zoe and James Breen

Ronda Doyal and Bryan Brown

Laurence K. Brown

Maria and Jon Buscemi

Colleen O'Brien and Noah J. Butler

Carmen Camacho

The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation

Maite Cervik

Myra Chan and Robert Koven

Chandler and Steven Chang

Sara and Scott Chapin

Sarah and Michael Chaskes

Gillian and Matthew Chesse

Sopia and Samuel Choi

Carolina Kim and Jengwoo Choo

Lily Gonzalez Chow and Travis Chow

Yeon Kim and Henry Chun '98

Jiyoun Kim and Kibum Chun

Maria and Rudy Chung

Fatama and Michael Cohen

Dr. Sheryl Cohen

Joe Concialdi

Ames Ingham and Mariano Cordero

Enrique Cortez

Jennifer and Breck Costin

Miwa Tripp and Aaron Craig

Holly and Kenneth Crosby

Caitlin and Daniel Cutler

Kris and Jason D'Amico

Daniel Berdakin and Susana Alberti Family Foundation

Michaela McManus and Mike Daniels

Amanda Crawford and Tonia Davis

Sabine and Jeff Demain

Courtney Treut Derderian and John Derderian

Naomi Despres and Arty Nelson

Sandra Dewey

Laura Kim and Yousuf Dhamee

Liz Destro and Blake Dirickson

Eunice Choe and Sung Y Do

Annie Dominguez

Scarleth and Juan Dominguez

Liesel Reinisch and Gary Eckwortzel

Jamie Haller and Craig Ekedahl

Jeanne and Peter Fellowes

Kate and Roderick Fenske

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

The Fox Family

The Furst Family

Carla Gallo and Mark Satterthwaite

Grace Chen and Ling Ge

Catherine and Daniel Gellert

Amanda George-Ghobrial and Emad Ghobrial

Bruce Gilbert

Junghyun Kim and Jungmin Go

Mona and Joshua Goldstein

Rafe Goodwell

Judy and Nicholas Gotten

Connie Hwang and Ryan Grady

Tara Leon-Graham and Alastair Graham

The Granade Family

Micol and Luke Green

Kehaulani and DJ Gregory

Rose Apodaca and Paul Andrew Griffith

Joanne and Jerod Gunsberg

Krista Smith and Jonathan Hafter

Rose Hajian

Kelsey and Cory Hammer

Tahli Fisher Harkham and Sammy Harkham

Carrie and Benjamin Harr

Sally Aristei and Jennifer Hartman

Henley Family

Kimberly Varella and Robert Herbst

Juan Carlos Hernandez

Lexie Holden

Megan Holmstrom

Claudio Howard '76

Anne Churchland and Alex Huk

Deryn and Robert Hull

Heather and Josh Huntington

Henya Paul and Stephen Hurley

Silvia and Enrique Ibarra

Helene Schwartz and Jason Ickovitz

Rachel Iverson and Benjamin Mulcahy

Therese Nery and Amad Jackson

Qing Yi and Bin Jiang

Jessica and Robert Johnson

Jill Cordes and Phil Johnston

Junghwa Kim and Kisub Jung

Katie Kanen

David Kang

Ilhan Kang

Hyunju Son and Raymon Kang

Hyunjin and Thomas Kang

Lauren Kaszubski

Amber and Christian Kemmerling

Pamela R. Keon '76

Yun Jung Choi and Joon Sung Khee

Amanda Hayes-Kibreab and Biniam Kibreab

Nora and Henry Kiely

Rosy Ku and Paul Kim

Carol Krusmark and Kevin Kleber

Debbie Koller

Krislyn and Dimitri Komarov

Patricia Kong and Alex Pak


Nari Kye

Carmel and Christian Lachel

Janne Larsen

Teresa Lang and Jonas Larsen

Alexandra Lascano-Morris

Robin Lau

Xi Yang and Bryan Lee

Dohee and Phil Lee

Seoung and Yong Lee

Alicia and Yovana Levano

Jennifer Levine

Yuanzhe Li and I-Chun Liu

Kathleen Logue and Gary Mairs

Beth Loheed

Ivana and Tom Lombardi

Nia Long

Barbara and Bertram Lovitt

Lauren Lexton and Kevin MacCarthy

Staci Sosa and Omar Macedo

Annie and William Macomber

Jessica and Hemky Madera

Christine Mai

Nora Malone

Autumn Koller '03 and Joshua Manly

Wendy Priest and Matthew Marmolejo

Shyreen Martin and Sammy Hancock

Kim Hamilton and Charles Jay Matino

Dorian Maynard

Melville Family

Bree Miller

Linda Miller

Savina and Samuel Mimoun

Desiree DeSurra and Daniel Ming

Mary McCloud and Scott Moore

Carla and Alberto Moran

Hillary Mushkin and Michael Elowitz

Marie-Jo and Daniel Newlon

Elizabeth Newlon

Thi Nguyen

Nieves and Gonzalez Family

Keshni Kashyap and Karl Nilsson

Leovijilda Nunez

Elizabeth Bangs and Matthew Oberg

Joy Ogbunamiri '93

Ryan Oishi

Jennifer Sung and Alfredo Ok

Jennifer Como and Jason Orme

Mina Ortega

Mark Cordoba and James Park

Sook Won and James Park

Seungmi Park and Eugene Kim

Jiman Park

Rachel Pear

Ashley and Brian Pearson

Beatrice Shen and Mike Peraza

Catherine and Jordan Perry

Ellen and Peter Picataggio

Elle Pirmoradi and Robert Kiminecz

Julie and Derek Posselt

Samantha Powell and John Falcon

Hanaford DeCell and James Pressley

Cara and Scott Putman

Elizabeth Quillin

Bethany Black and Justin Regan

Amy Reitsma-Cho and Ramon Cho

Blanca and Jose Reyes

Abby Schwarzwalder and Timothy Roche

Silvia Barajas and Sonia Rodriguez

Cindy and Steves Rodriguez

Lisa and Lenn Rosenfeld

Tara Peris and Joel Rubin

James Rwoti

David Ryu

Jill and Courtney Sanford

Jyoti Sarda and Lawrence Rogow

Lorraine and Joseph Sarles

Sarah and Edward Scannell

Rebecca and Michael Schafler

Clare Schneider '80

Maria and Kevin Scott

Alexandra Tokarewicz and Dan Shattuck

Todd Shemarya

Leslie Rathe and Peter Sherman

Kathreen Shorkey

Elina and George Siafaris

Aubrey and Adam Siegel

Beth Sieroty Meltzer

Jocelyn Hayes-Simpson and Bradford Simpson

Nelrose Sims

Angela Melara and Christopher Singleton

Christine Smith

Laurence Goldberg and Jonah Smith

Isabel Bussarakum and Charles Snyder

Megan Wahtera and Peter Soldinger

Lauren Soloff and Adam Sher

Mi Chelle Sorey

Gardenia Spiegel

Erica Rothschild and Marcus Spiegel

Betsy Sullenger and Chambers Stevens

Amanda Stewart

Kari Stinehart and William Stinehart III

Julie and Winston Stromberg

Catherine Simonsen and Patrick Sullivan

Matilda Zoltowski and Laurent Sungkur

Soyoung and Gene Surh

Alison Taylor

Terry and David Taylor

Angie and Josh Tepper

Courtney Terzyan

Kerri-Ann Thompson

Belinda Waltman and Matt Thomson

Laurence Tighe

Caroline Treadwell

James Tupper

US Again, LLC

Brian Ulatowski

Gilberto Valenzuela

Eva and Nicholas Van Brunt

Tracie and Doug Van Doren

Veasna and Douglas Vanderbilt II

Barbara E. Wagner

Candace Wai

Daphne Walker

Carita and Dominick Walker

Amanda and Johnny Walker

Sherry Walker

Connie Walsh

Liyan Wang and Albert Hu

Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

Julia Fauzia-Whatley and Curtis Whatley

Olivia Booth and Jesse Wigutow

Kristine Williams

April Wind and Michelle Koscielniak

Misherr Tseng and Benjamin Wong

Whitney Friedlander and Alex Woo

World of Wonder Productions

Lara Howenstine and Benjamin Wynn

Min Lee and Toby Yates

Caitlin Feury and Christopher Zatta

Li Zhang

Stacen Berg and Paul Zografakis

Lorraine Getz and Adam Zuckert

Last updated on 5/30/2023

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